Whether infants, toddlers, schoolchildren or teenagers - age-appropriate care, accompanied play and leisure activities provided by first-class trained staff for at least 35 hours and 5 days a week are guaranteed in all Familotels. This means children can enjoy their fun - and parents have enough time for themselves!

Educationally valuable!

  • Range of experiences, sports and adventures on offer
  • Quick contact with other children; friends guaranteed
  • Spacious playroom and in-house toy library
  • At least 2 family activities a week
  • Fun with Clown Happy - the Familotel mascot
  • Staff with first aid training for infants
  • Paediatricians, chemists and emergency services on-site
  • Individual babysitting for a charge; in all Babyhotels: Baby and toddler care at least 18 hours/week
  • Children with Handicap



In all Familotel hotels

  • All-inclusive meals for children
  • Free childcare, min. 35 hours per week
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Our promise
  • child-friendly facilities
  • age-appropriate all-round care
  • TÜV-certified safety