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Full marks for a family holiday: at the Familotel Sonnenpark in Willingen.

Are you looking for a hotel that is perfect for your next family holiday and all the kit and caboodle that comes with it, while also offering you outstanding services? Then read on! Because the Familotel Sonnenpark has been repeatedly selected as the most popular Familienhotel in Germany — and has impressive top-quality standards. With honours!

Outstanding location.

The outlook’s bright: situated in the heart of Hochsauerland, the Familotel Sonnenpark in Willingen welcomes you to an unforgettable holiday. Even as you arrive, you will be inspired by the picturesque panoramic landscape. But you haven’t seen the wonderful and modern interior of your holiday residence yet. And everything here is simply perfect too. Child-friendliness is really the priority at the Sonnenpark Familotel. It is not without good reason that the 18,000 m2 hotel and park complex is a complete no-go area for cars.

Outstanding leisure activities.

There are virtually no taboos for you at the Familienhotel Sonnenpark, but we can offer you a breathtaking range of leisure activities. If you want to unpack your suitcase first instead of making yourself at home on one of our sun terraces or sunbathing lawns, then you’re either very patient — or you’ve brought along all the time in the world. And you’ll need it too. For example, in the newly opened „AquaParadiso“ swimming complex, where water lovers will have a whale of a time with a water temperature of 32°C and attractions such as the snake slide and heated outdoor pool.

Another highlight is the equally brand-new „Sunny“ Adventureland: here, your children can experience everything their hearts’ desire, from an extensive range of play equipment to pony riding — while teens can also enjoy an age-appropriate recreational programme. And you can make your holidays action-packed too. Because the Familotel Sonnenpark in Willingen not only offers 1001 opportunities for walkers, bikers, sailors and surfers — it is also ideal for all types of winter sports with its proximity to the traditional Mühlenkopfschanze ski jumping hill.


Outstanding relaxation.

The range of spa activities at the Familotel Sonnenpark promise pure relaxation. Even the short journeys between the individual areas increase the anticipation of relaxing moments. And there are more than enough of these moments. You can take a break from everyday life in the „Atlantis“ sauna complex with a classic Finnish sauna or the in-house steam bath — and recharge your batteries. A leap into the „AquaParadiso“ pool afterwards will ensure you cool down sufficiently.

The range of services is rounded off by a multitude of medical practices, such as physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises. You can find out more information when you book — or as soon as you arrive.

Important for you: with round-the-clock childcare of up to 12 hours a day, we make sure that you can completely and utterly enjoy this unique feel-good programme. This is understood at the Familotel Sonnenpark as perfect relaxation.

Outstanding accommodation.

The names of the four blocks of apartments of the Familienhotel Sonnenpark are both statement and agenda alike. Here you will find equipment and an ambiance to more than satisfy the highest demands.

Very smart: we show initiative at the Familotel Sonnenpark. So you will find a complete range of children’s equipment in every apartment. Meaning there’s more space in your suitcases for other things — and you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important for your little one.

And even smarter: we think ahead at the Familotel Sonnenpark. For this reason, all the bedrooms in our hotel are free from the electrical network — for a particularly calm and restorative sleep. Meaning your holiday is relaxed from the very first day.

Outstanding indulgence.

The indulgence offered to you by the gastronomy of the Familienhotel Sonnenpark is also perfect. The extensive breakfast buffet provides you with high-quality natural products from the region for the best possible start to the new day of your holiday.

You will think, can it really continue like this? This is exactly how it continues! Because the kitchen team at the hotel leaves nothing to chance for lunch either. You can also look forward to a culinary fireworks display of local and international delicacies in the evening ... It practically goes without saying that both young and old gourmets as well as the tinniest connoisseurs are considered in the renowned restaurant at the Familotel Sonnenpark. So, an extra buffet with selected purees is as much a part of the menu, as our selection of the finest baby food jars.

But not surprisingly, the best as always comes last: with the sensational „Premium All-Inclusive“ offer of the Familotel Sonnenpark in Willingen, even the alcohol is included in the price until 23:30.