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Familien Resort Petschnighof Childcare and activities

You won’t get more recreational fun than this: Familotel in Carinthia.

The Familienhotel Petschnighof is not considered the most exciting of our Familotels for nothing. There are 1001 opportunities for have fun, play games and do sports, for both young and old. And just as many to help you relax. In the winter, you can also go tobogganing on the hotel’s own tobogganing hill, go ice-skating or have snowball fights.

You won’t find more bright shiny children’s eyes than here.

Whether indoor or outdoor. Whether summer or winter. At the Familotel in Carinthia, there are no limits for our young guests when it comes to having fun in the great outdoors with other children. The impressive 500,000 square metres of space alone make sure of this. And the certainty that all our play equipment has been designed by specialised planners and is regularly inspected by the TÜV. A few of the many highlights for children:

  • Petting zoo: Rabbits, sheep, horses and pigs are here and waiting for you to pet them and feed them.
  • 200,000 square metres of fields, meadows and forests: Children can explore the crystal-clear alpine water, build a dam, have fun running around in the hay or go for a tractor ride with Gerwald who is the boss. Or have an exciting day exploring the forest. It goes without saying that there is also a large playground and football pitch, a trampoline, table tennis court, slides and much more.
  • Indoor play area: You will find everything you need to run around, play and craft here.

It’s virtually impossible to find a wider range of family activities.

Families can really experience something here. Be it mountain biking, golf, Nordic walking, a water holiday near the hotel’s own bathing lake or a family hike. But the priority at the Familienhotel Petschnighof is the family holiday. Once a week, we provide family fishing on our own fish pond, including fishing rods, dip nets, bait, round bend hooks and fishing pliers. And from Monday to Friday, we provide a family programme, for example:

  • Monday: Taster riding lessons at the paddock for the whole family
  • Tuesday: First go to the Hartlhof farmyard. Then past Hochfeistritz to meet Andi, the boss of the cabin.
  • Wednesday: Camp fire and bread-on-a-stick.
  • Thursday: Build a town by the brook - each family will build their own dream house by the brook.
  • Friday: Grind soapstone.

The range of activities is planned according to the season, weather and opening hours of the entertainment.

Great tourist destinations in the region.

As fabulous as a family holiday at the Familienhotel Petschnighof may be, the tourist destinations in the region of Carinthia are just as lovely. Here are some highlights:

Tip 1: The forest exploration trail on Lake Klopein

The natural 20,000 square metre play park offers great diversity for the whole family. You can have fun however you want to on three levels. With the tree top trail, giant bouncy cushions, labyrinth, educational forest trail, children’s playground, climbing forest, slides and much more.

Tip 2: Hochosterwitz Castle in Carinthia

A historical experience for young and old. Visit the armoury, the collection of arms, see the interesting collection of pictures from the Renaissance era or immerse yourself in the world of medieval trade. In the castle restaurant, visitors are spoiled with local Carinthian cuisine.

Tip 3: The Obir Dripstone Caves in Bad Eisenkappel

Austria’s most fascinating natural wonder awaits you with its unique 200 million year old world of caves. New multimedia effects emphasise the terrific natural spectacle of the former mine and natural caves.

Tip 4: Minimundus — the model world on Lake Wörth

A place to enjoy, linger, learn and have fun. The 150 models or so of famous buildings, trains and ships invite you on a trip around the world in a detailed scale of 1:25. Marvel at the Opera House in Sydney, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, St Peter's Basilica and the Statue of Liberty. And then take a trip to the reptile zoo in Happ. No other reptile zoo in Austria has as many species.

Tip 5: The Tscheppa Gorge

The deep gorge at the beginning of the Loibl Valley and popular tourist destination. You can walk through the Tscheppa Gorge on narrow paths, bridges and ladders. Cosy inns with South Carinthian specialities await you wherever you end up. Discover the unique plant life and the thunderous waterfalls, like the 26 metre high Tschaukofall.

You can get all the information about these and other activities directly from the reception of the Familotel in Carinthia.