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It’s easy to „sea“ why it’s more than just a holiday: the Familotel Deichkrone.

It has long since been no secret that East Frisia has far more to offer than the „East Frisian Messenger of the Gods“, as comedian Otto Waalkes is known: You can also take a divine holiday in this furthest part of the north west of Germany — for example, at the Familotel Deichkrone in Norddeich, directly on the East Frisian North Sea coast.

Freedom as far as the eye can „sea“.

The Familienhotel and Kinderhotel in Norddeich does not have the name „Deichkrone“ for nothing. In German, it means „summit of the dyke“. And the hotel is actually very close to the dyke. When you cross this for the first time, you can see over the approx. 80,000 square metres of the finest sandy beach, lovingly named the „biggest sandbox in the world“ by locals. Our little guests can dig in the sand, build sandcastles and collect shells to their heart’s content — and discover lots of the „mysterious“ inhabitants of the mudflats with their parents when the tide goes out.

But it is not just the Norddeich beach, where children are completely in their element: it’s all about water in the nearby „Ocean Wave“ water park. Here, even the tiniest visitors can get used to the seawater in a tempered non-swimmers’ area, getting rid of any reservations they may have by playing. And with a multitude of activities, such as aqua aerobics and aqua fitness, parents will also have a great time. A special highlight: the floating pools where you and your soul can float about and relax.

Adventure as far as the eye can „sea“.

If you want to feel the ground firmly under your feet after so much fun in the water, then a guided tour of the mudflats or an extended walk of the dyke around the Familotel Deichkrone offer a good opportunity. A popular tourist destination is the Norddeich seal breeding and research centre. Discoverers young and old can find out all about the Wadden Sea National Park here, which has been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site since 2009. And if you see the seals at the centre in action, the cute little abandoned seal pups will make you just as wide-eyed.

The region around the Hotel Deichkrone in Norddeich has so much more to offer as well. The island of Norderney can be easily reached by boat, while there are a multitude of museums for inquisitive visitors to discover in Norden, one of the oldest cities in East Frisia. There is history aplenty to discover in Marienhafe as well. In the small, tranquil harbour town, you can walk in the footprints of pirate legend Klaus Störtebeker — as well as visiting the exciting Störtebeker festival which takes place regularly.
Emden is a special tip for a tourist destination. You’ll come very close to an East Frisian national hero here: Otto. „Dat Otto Huus“, situated close to the Emden town hall, has thrilled fans of East Frisian wit time and again since its opening in 1987.

Relaxation as far as the eye can „sea“.

Especially parents need their downtime. And the services offered by the Familotel Deichkrone in Norddeich are more than ideal for this. With 42 hours of baby care and 42 hours of children’s entertainment, we ensure that adults have the necessary freedom to enjoy being a couple — and can take a break from everyday life and refuel.

For example, in the newly designed spa area at the Familotel Deichkrone, which provides plenty of exhilarating feel-good moments with its saunas, steam baths, massages, multi-sensory showers and cosmetics treatments.

Atmosphere as far as the eye can „sea“.

What’s no joke are the total of 28 lovingly furnished rooms of the Familotel Deichkrone in Norddeich. In the comfortable family rooms and generous maisonette apartments, single and two parent families will find space to retreat.

And the best thing: all the rooms at the Familotel Deichkrone are equipped with iPod docking stations. So our older guests don’t have to miss out on their favourite hits whilst on holiday — while our younger guests can go to sleep listening to their beloved bedtime stories as usu

Indulgence as far as the eye can „sea“.

Fresh sea air famously works up an extra-large appetite — and there is more than enough of that in Norddeich. So the modern self-service restaurant at the Familotel Deichkrone provides the right meal at any time of the day.

Meaning young guests and old can start each new day of the holiday perfectly with an original East Frisian breakfast buffet or wind down at the end of the day with an extensive and seasonal evening buffet in the hotel’s own conservatory.

By the way: it’s virtually a given at the Familotel Deichkrone that the evenings are adult time. For this reason, the Kinderhotel in Norddeich provides a baby monitor as standard as part of its services, together with the usual baby equipment.

This means adults can lean back and relax after an exciting and eventful day — and quietly reminisce about their day by the crackling chimney or make friends with other couples.