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Frieslandstern Hotel information

A very special experience: a holiday at the Familotel Frieslandstern.

„Moin moin“ is the greeting when you encounter someone on the Frisian coast of the North Sea and want to wish them a „good morning“. At the Familotel Frieslandstern, you will not only have a good morning — but a thoroughly relaxing holiday day-in, day-out, away from the traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city. In Friesland, we would wish you: En besünners gode Tiet, or a jolly good time.

Jolly well situated.

One thing in advance: if you are only expecting the proverbial „flat (marsh) lands“ in Friesland, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. The maritime landscape is as diverse and unique as its inhabitants. Lush meadows and green banks change with mysterious marshes and hedge banks, picturesque fishing villages, with the islands so typical for the region. Here — directly on the Frisian coast, in the idyllic little town of Horum — is the Familotel Frieslandstern. The main building of the family-run three-star riding centre is an absolute eye-catcher. This is a traditional building of a former dairy, in the typical country house style.

The generous land of the Frieslandstern in Horum provides you and your children with a multitude of relaxation opportunities, together with attractive play and recreational activities. And if you want to explore the region together, then Horum is the ideal starting point for extended day trips. For example, into nearby Jever, with its historic sights and museums. Even when the weather is bad, we guarantee there’ll be no boredom at the Familotel Frieslandstern. In the „Kinnerstuuv“, our littlest guests can run around to their heart’s content or set out on great adventures with our trained childcare providers — while you enjoy a little downtime with a Frisian tea speciality.

Jolly experiences.

The extensive riding opportunities at the Familienhotel in on the North Sea are particularly popular. Five days a week, everything revolves around the 30 horses at the horse centre. And you and your children are bound to quickly make friends with the faithful Frisians and Haflingers. It makes no difference if your holiday at the Hotel Frieslandstern in Horum is your first encounter with horses — or whether you have already ridden before: stable master Gerd Kelterborn gives lessons in the riding arena and on the outside riding paddock for both beginners and experienced riders up to category A.

It’s pretty much a given that it’s never about sporting achievements at the Familotel Frieslandstern. Following the motto „taking part is everything“, we focus our fun on outdoor nature and how to behave around horses. You can join in when the centre’s riding group leaves on one of its extended rides-out to the beaches — or harness up one of the historic carriages for a day trip through the picturesque Frisian landscape. And if you need a packed lunch for the whole family for your carriage ride, then this is no problem at all at the Familotel Frieslandstern.


Jolly good relaxation.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that you can achieve great relaxation in the small spa oasis of the Familotel Frieslandstern. You can relax in the sauna as a couple or together with your family — and experience the cleansing effect for your skin and body tissue. A leap into the ice-cold immersion pool, which has a particularly stimulating effect on the circulation and metabolism, afterwards will ensure you cool down sufficiently. The beauty department at the hotel also ensures your well-being: while the pleasant massages by the experienced masseuse of the Frieslandstern sooth your soul — the trained fingers of the in-house beautician will work true wonders.

So: simply switch off and enjoy.

Jolly good food.

Pure indulgence is also promised by a visit to the restaurant of the Familotel Frieslandstern. The „Molkerei Horum“ will pamper you in its rustic and cosy atmosphere, with small and large culinary delights, fresh from the Frisian kitchen.

Typical fish specialities and hearty meat dishes, such as the Wangerländ plaice or braised lamb knuckles, are part of the buffet, together with fresh salad from the region. Our culinary offerings are rounded off with an extensive rustic breakfast and regular special campaigns. And if you fancy a nightcap, you can sit in the bar or beer garden of the Frieslandstern and peacefully recount your day.

With so many culinary treats, there’s just one thing to wish you: „Mohltied!“ as we say in this region, or bon appétit.