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Frieslandstern Leisure

Good things for everyone.

The holiday region around Familotel Frieslandstern is one of the most popular holiday areas by the North Sea. And not without reason. The Wangerland offers you a large number of unique trip destinations and sights, as shown by this small selection:

Tip 1: Helgoland.

There are many good reasons to visit Germany's unique deep-sea island. You can look forward to a multifaceted nature and adventure world on the boat trips, which take place daily between May and September. And of course to the island's landmark – the famous "Long Anna".

Tip 2: Nationalpark-Haus Wangerland.

Discover the Wadden Sea World Natural Heritage Site in informative and exciting events. Particularly popular with little visitors: the 7,000-litre-capacity aquarium, in which the inhabitants of the North Sea can be admired from up close.

Tip 3: Hooksiel.

The small town, mentioned in a document for the first time in 1479, is perfect for your family outing. Here, not only can you discover many historic buildings, the sluice gate structure or the "Old Port", but you can also spend a day by the sea on the town's nice sandy beach.

Tip 4: Boat trips.

Ride with ocean carrier Ilse to the seal sandbanks or the JadeWeserPort with its display fish. An exciting adventure for the whole family.

Do you want to have a good time? Then obtain further leisure and outing tips as soon as you arrive at the Hotel Frieslandstern Horum.