Safety in our family hotels

Because the satisfaction and safety of our guests is our top priority, we supplement the established, internationally recognised quality system with our comprehensive Happy Holiday Guarantee.

Quality inspections

Service Qualität Deutschland and Swiss Q

15 German states currently back the Service Qualität Deutschland mark. The three-stage internal quality management system is set up to assure quality of service in Germany as a tourist destination and to encourage cooperation between the different industries.

The Swiss seal of quality assurance for tourism was recognised as the first international quality scheme in Europe in 2007. The concept is divided into three levels: Level 1 focuses on the quality of service, level 2 includes an assessment of the management quality and level 3 requires a comprehensive quality management system.

TÜV Seal "OK für Kids"

With the "OK für Kids" seal of quality, the Deutsche Kinderschutzbund (DKSB - German Child Protection League) and the TÜV NORD honours child-friendly services and products. The Familotel group was the first hotel cooperation in Europe to acquire this certification, back in 2002.

Happy Holiday Guarantee

Familotel guarantees family-friendly travel comfort at the highest level - without restrictions and without compromises, but with a whole heap of extras and securities. For us, the name says it all; provided by our Happy Holiday Guarantee and the “OK für Kids” TÜV seal. Consistent services for an all-round happy holiday!

  • Safe standards
  • Generous accomodations
  • Child-friendly equipment
  • Program for kids
  • Outstanding gastronomy
  • Family friendly hosts

Our standards are very high and are constantly tested with the utmost attention.
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